Editorial process

Publicly available publishing policy, as well as detailed information about the editors, editorial board members and reviewers, show that a jounral undergoes quality control and contribute to the transparency of the editorial process.To see the informaiton follow the link in the left pane of the journal's info page.

Journal details

publication policy

Opens the page that displays the journal’s editorial policy defined in accordance with international standards and good publication practices. The text provides information about:

  • the reviewing procedure,
  • the responsibilities of authors, editorial staff and reviewers,
  • publication ethics, plagiarism prevention and dealing with misconduct,
  • Open Access policy,
  • copyright and licensing.

The text is divided into segments that get displayed or hidden upon clicking the corresponding subtitle. The publishing policy is provided only for the journals subject to quality control in SCIndeks.

editorial board

Opens the page that contains a short CV of the editor, a list of the editorial board members and a list of reviewers. The names of all persons who have a registered ORCID iD are accompanied with the ORCID icon ORCID. By clicking the icon, one opens the corresponding profile in the https://orcid.org registry. The page opens in a new window; it contains the person’s short CV and a list of articles, including the ones not published in SCIndeks journals.
The information is available only for the journals subject to quality control in SCIndeks.