Content and features

SCIndeks is covering locally published journals classified as publications of scientific character. All of the journals listed are indexed on cover-to-cover basis. In addition to articles' titles and abstracts, SCIndeks metadata incorporate all cited references. The vast majority of articles are available at the level of full texts. The metadata are given in OAI PMH, Dublin Core format to increase their interoperability and accordingly articles' Web visibility.

The journals are submitted to permanent evaluation in terms of their impact, both within the database itself and additionally in WoS. Apart from this, various measures of so called bibliometric quality of journals are also monitored and assessed quantitatively. For the most part, these are derived from the WoS criteria for journals admission. The best quality SCIndeks journals, selected by special criteria (for internationality) are monitored more closely and possibly recommended for inclusion to the publishers of the international citation databases.

Prior to publishing, SCIndeks references are completely parsed in order to make them formattable in different citation styles, linked to primary documents when available on the Web, corrected for omissions and errors, and finally normalized. The purpose of normalization is to enhance cited papers' Web visibility and to provide metric suitable for calculating impact of various research entities: individuals, institutions, projects, journals, academic publishers, and conferences.

The references in journals subscribed to Basic and Extended package are not parsed, nor visible in the application. Consequently, indicators of bibliometric qualty that are based on references features cannot be generated, while some functionalities such as "related records" cannot be operational. For the same reason, such journals do not participate in counting citations to other SCIndeks journals.