SCIndeks is integrated with MyAssistant, a system for journal online editing and publishing. MyAssistant supports all activities of the kind, from the creation of the journal's web page, via article submission, monitoring of the reviewing process, documentation administration, and maintenance of recordkeeping, to finally making editorial decisions and publishing volumes on the journal's own website and/or in print.

SCIndeks is integrated with the Repository of full text of papers, where journals are permanently deposited in electronic form. Being a functional part of SCIndeks, the Repository provides users with access to the articles' full text located by SCindeks search. More information about the Repository is available at

Articles published in international journals and cited in SCIndeks are linked to their full texts, if available through CrossRef. Access is possible, provided that the user is subscribed to a certain journal. In Serbia, access is ensured to all registered users of KoBSON. More information on KoBSON is available at If the full text of a SCIndeks reference is unavailable to the user, he/she can make use of the abstract of referenced article in MEDLINE, ChemPort, and MathSciNet, to which SCIndeks references are also linked.

Titles of books/monographs cited in SCIndeks which are deposited in Serbian libraries are linked to their records in the Virtual Library of Serbia. More information about Virtual Library of Serbia is available at

More information about integration in SCIndeks is provided in the description of the diagram on the Home page.