Maintenance and further development

Maintenance. SCindeks is updated weekly. All the metadata except cited references are made visible on website immediately after they had been uploaded to the SCIndeks analytic files. Article full-texts become available together with the article metadata. Cited references are uploaded to SCIndeks subsequently, only after their processing is fully completed. Processed references are attached to the SCIndeks articles quarterly.

The procedures of updating ask for checking, correcting, and normalizing some information already present in SCIndeks. As a consequence, SCIndeks is subjected to change in the process of its maintenance. Corrections of this kind are made in SCindeks without notice.

Further development. SCIndeks is improved continuously in order to meet the growing needs of various categories of users. Hence, we welcome any comments or suggestions on how to improve SCIndeks. Messages of this kind, as well as requests for further information should be e-mailed directly to the SCIndeks development team. Comments can also be sent anonymously.

Some details about SCindeks maintenance and further development are available at the publisher's website.