Terms of use and copyright

Access to SCindeks, searching it, downloading the full-text content contained in SCIndeks for research purposes, and linking to it is unrestricted and free for all. In downloading documents, users are expected to abide by relevant copyright laws and regulations, as well as the practice of the fair use of open Web resources.

The copyright holder for the SCIndeks database management software and metadata is the Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science (CEON/CEES), as the database aggregator and publisher.

Copyright for article full texts belongs to the authors and journal publishers.

Some SCIndeks journals have defined user rights by implementing Creative Commons licenses. If there is no license information, it is implied that all rights are reserved and that the content must not be used without the explicit written consent of copyright holders.

Copying SCIndeks or its parts for the purpose of re-publishing, or otherwise disseminating it, i.e. downloading SCIndeks data to create subsets or derivative databases, or transferring SCIndeks content to institutional websites and repositories, or allowing SCIndeks data to be made available to others in any form (printed or electronic), without the explicit written consent of copyright holders is strictly prohibited by law.

Systematic downloading is allowed to the journal publishers that are SCIndeks subscribers. Downloading is limited to information they provide themselves and is performed by special procedure at a special request.