Megatrend revija - Article Quality Support

All papers published in journal Megatrend review are routinely submitted to plagiarism detection through CrossCheck/iThenticate within CEON/CEES. iThenticate is the only anti-plagiarism tool regarded to be sufficiently efficient for use in journal publishing. In iThenticate, plagiarized text is detected by matching the screened article with a huge corpus of international scholarly literature exclusively provided by CrossRef. In addition, the corpus comprises research content available on the Internet.

Based on the results of detection, the Editorial Board decides whether a submitted article with a substantial plagiarism score should be rejected or, as it happens in some cases, returned to the authors for correction, e.g. to add the missing citations. In making decisions, the Editorial Board follows the standards set by COPE. When using iThenticate and resolving special cases, it relies on support by CEON/CEES, as the CrossRef contractor.

Papers published in journal Megatrend review are automatically added to iThenticate’s document corpus in order to protect them from being plagiarized.