Glasnik Antropološkog društva Srbije - Article Quality Support

A good selection of effective keywords greatly increases the visibility of papers in databases and other online sources throughout the Internet.

In order to achieve this, Glasnik Antropološkog društva Srbije employs the system called Keywords Assignment Support System (KwASS) . Keywords (keyphrases, descriptors) are generated automatically, using the software tool dubbed AKwA (Automatic Keywords Assignment) .

AKwA processes the English-language titles and abstracts to assign papers the most informative descriptors listed in the thesaurus / controlled dictionary of the Editorial Board’s choice.

The extracted keywords are then offered as suggestions to the authors, who may accept or ignore them using the tool called KeFiR: Keywords Final Refinement. KeFiR also searches the thesaurus / controlled dictionary in order to enable authors to replace the descriptors suggested by the system with others that, in their opinion, describe the content of their paper more precisely.