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Aims and Scope:

The Military Technical Courier / Vojnotehnički glasnik is a multidisciplinary scientific journal of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces. The journal publishes scientific and professional papers covering fundamental research (mathematics, computer science and mechanics) and technological development (electronics, telecommunications, information technologies, mechanical engineering, material science and chemical technologies) as well as technical data on modern weapon systems and military technologies.
The program of the journal is based on the annual classification of journals performed by a relevant Ministry as well as on its indexing in international indexing databases. The journal covers inter-service technical support to the Army on the principle of logistic system support; fundamental, applied and development research; production and use of weapons and military equipment. Also, the journal publishes other theoretical and practical achievements leading to professional development of all members of Serbian, regional and international academic communities as well as members of the military and ministries of defence in particular.

(a) information sciences, electronics & telecommunications
(b) mechanical engineering & industrial software
Frascati, modified
(a) engineering and technology - electrical engineering, electronics
(b) engineering and technology - other engineering sciences
Research topics:
electronics; IT; mechanical engineering; materials; chemical technology; engineering

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Citation profile:
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