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Aims and Scope:

The Journal publishes professional papers,scientific and review papers,short communications and preliminary communications, conceptual,technical and methodological papers, new literary reviews.

The topics include a range of natural and social science disciplines that study the nature, geodiversity,biodiversity and landscape diversity, protection and conservation, the aspect of nature protection in tourism, urban planning, education and philosophical understanding of nature.

Wide range of disciplines include theoretical ecology, landscape ecology, restoration ecology, ecological modeling, ecological economics, ecosystem services, population genetics, conservation biology, wildlife management, environmental planning, monitoring, policy making and environmental education.

(a) biology
(b) biotechnology
Frascati, modified
(a) natural sciences - biological sciences
(b) agricultural sciences - agriculture, forestry, fisheries & allied sciences
Research topics:
biodiversity; nature conservation; environmental legislation; ecological networks; geodiversity; protected areas

Types of papers

Types of references

Citation profile:
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Most cited authors (last 5 years)
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