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Aims and Scope:

The journal Panoeconomicus publishes original papers that have not been published previously: original scientific papers, scientific reviews, preliminary reports, conference papers, professional papers, polemic and book reviews.

The journal Panoeconomiucus is dedicated to: economic theory, economic policy, economic history, international political economy, global and regional processes in the world economy, politics of the European integration, political economy of transition.

social sciences - economics
Frascati, modified
social sciences - economics
Research topics:
economic theory; economic policy; economic history; international political economy; global and regional processes in the world economy; politics of the European integration

Types of papers

Types of references

Citation profile:
Most cited journals (last 5 years)
Journal of Econometrics114
Quarterly Journal of Economics79
American Economic Review76
Journal of Political Economy75
Economic Modelling63
Economics Letters56
Energy Economics50
Journal of International Money and Finance50
Most cited authors (last 5 years)
Arestis Philip45
Pesaran Hashem M.40
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