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Aims and Scope:

Engineering Management: Management (in general), Maintenance Management, R&D Management, Innovation Management, Quality Management, SMEs and Entrepreneurship, Strategic and Operation Management, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods and Models in Management, Operation Research, Logistics, Simulation, Statistic Models, Economic Models and Econometrics, Risk Management, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, Environmental Protection and Improvement.

Management and Information Systems: Customer Relationship Management, Data Base Management, Information Systems in Management, Information Systems and Decision Support, Expert Systems, E-business.

Marketing Management: Marketing Strategies, Competitiveness and competitive factors, Brand Management, Marketing Management in SMEs sector, Public Relations, Business Communication, Marketing Communication, New Models of Marketing Management, Service Management.

(a) social sciences - economics
(b) social sciences - other social sciences
Frascati, modified
social sciences - other social sciences
Research topics:
Engineering Management; Quality management; Management Information Systems; Marketing management; SMEs and Entrepreneurship; Business development and Competitiveness

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