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2013, iss. 139, pp. 162-187
Online public relations
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology
Keywords: public relations; online; internet; social media; PR communication; information
In this paper a research was conducted on the topic of public relations in the digital era, especially the online one. Characteristics and peculiarities of public relations, the potential of the world wide web for E-PR and challenges and advantages of the digital communication are the main topics of the thesis. A short review of well chosen theoretical works that define and deliberate online public relations from a critical point of view is also presented here. The paper analyzes the potential of the web in dialogues, public debates and interactions, as well as the potential of blogs and social networks concerning public relations in the digital XXI century. The conclusion contains a critical reflection of the position, role and the potential of the online PR.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Review Paper
DOI: 10.5937/kultura1339162V
published in SCIndeks: 21/10/2013