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2009, iss. 99, pp. 7-14
Redesign of the cooperation concept in wood processing
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry
Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 7FH/7125095

Cooperation, in combination with specialization, is aimed at the better utilization of resources, shorter production cycle and cost reduction. This means that cooperation and specialization, in addition to technological aspect, also include the organization aspect. The problem in wood processing is the fact that the organization aspect is completely neglected. For this reason, specialization and cooperation cannot reach their goal. The aim of this paper is to point out the significance of the organization aspect. The selection of cooperants cannot be based on the prices and acquaintances, recommendations, etc. There are numerous criteria which can decide the selection of cooperants. The criteria adopted in this paper are the manufacturing price and the storage cost. Based on the multicriteria decision making, it is possible to define the alternative which enables simultaneously the lowest total price and the lowest total own storage costs.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper
DOI: 10.2298/GSF0999007V
published in SCIndeks: 15/09/2009

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