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Experimental analysis of an original type of steel space truss node joint
aInstitut mašinske industrije, Niš
bUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Science
cUniveristy of Niš, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture,
Keywords: experimental analysis; node joint; space truss; finite element analysis
In the paper is presented experimental analysis of an original type of node joint for a steel space truss. The joint sample was loaded by spatial set of forces that simulate real condition of the structure with eight balanced member forces (4 chord and 4 diagonal members), up to structure failure. It was realized in a specially designed test facility. Tested node joint samples were made in real scale, according to the model originated after FE analysis and optimization. Basic idea was to construct and test a node joint that can be made in average technology conditions, without special tools and requirements. Besides, results of a stress-strain FE analysis are presented and comparison of the two analyses is given for the most critical regions of the node joint. Values of measured and calculated strains across model samples and characteristic measuring points are presented.
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article language: English
document type: Original Scientific Paper
DOI: 10.2298/FUACE0901043V
published in SCIndeks: 12/01/2010

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