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2012, vol. 17, iss. 2, pp. 243-255
Importance of clustering for growth and development of SME sector
European University, Faculty of Small and Medium Business Enterprise, Belgrade
Keywords: cluster; clustering; association of SMEs; competitiveness; growth and development
Clusters exist for over two decades now as a form of business partnering and networking, most commonly of small and medium sized enterprises at local, regional or sectoral level. The purpose of clustering is to ensure growth and development of SMEs in areas where they lack capacities to advance on their own. Clusters enable SMEs to partner with big manufacturing and business systems in creating the value chain. The membership in a cluster is voluntery, based on business interests and mutual trust. In developed industrial countries, regional and sector-based clusters provide a range of benefits to a large numbers of SMEs, which are descibed in this paper. The initiative to create a cluster can come from SMEs, but it is more common that a local or regional self-government, or even the state government initiate creation of a cluster, not only to stimulate the growth of SME sector, but of the whole region. Clusters include companies, but also academic institutions, R&D institutes, etc. There is a significant difference between clusters in European countries and those in Serbia: in our country, they are only at the level of initiative and the first phase of development. However, examples of successful clusters in Serbia lead to the conclusion that more and more SMEs will incline toward this concept of business association.
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article language: Serbian
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published in SCIndeks: 22/03/2013