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2009, vol. 33, iss. 1, pp. 77-84
Fertilizing system in function of corn yield in monoculture and two crop field
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field and Vegetable Crops
Keywords: corn; fertilizing system; hybrids; yield
The grain percentage considerably depending on the variant of fertilization and the hybrid investigated. On the control plots the grain percentage on the cob was significantly lower (81,32%). The highest grain percentage was obtained on the variants with production of corn in two field crop, as well as on the variants two field crop with manure (84,71%) and DV-S+NPK (84,58%). The grain moisture percentage varied significantly depending on hybrid but this trait was more less dependent on the treatment applied. In average of hybrids tested, significantly lower grain yield was obtained on the control variant - 4,35 tha-1. The highest dry grain yield (11,66 tha-1) was obtained when corn was grown in two field crop combined with application of organic manure. In average for all the variants of treatments tested, the highest yield of dry grain (9,78 tha-1) was obtained with the corn hybrid NS-6010.
Latković, D., Starčević, L., Marinković, B., Crnobarac, J., Jaćimović, G. (2006) Prinos zrna i iznošenje azota pri različitom đubrenju u monokulturi kukuruza. Letopis naučnih radova Poljoprivrednog fakulteta, vol. 30, br. 1, str. 134-140
Starčević, L.Đ., Latković, D., Crnobarac, J., Marinković, B. (2002) A permanent trial with organic and mineral fertilizers in monoculture and two-crop rotation as a basis of sustainable maize production. Arch Acker-Pfl. Boden, vol. 48, pp 557-563
Starčević, L.Đ., Latković, D. (2005) Prinos kukuruza u Vojvodini, 2004. godine bio je najviši u poslednjih 10 godina (5,88 tha-1). Da li je moglo biti više? Da!. Zbornik radova Instituta za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo, br. 41, str. 385-394
Starčević, L.Đ., Latković, D. (2006) Povoljna godina za rekordne prinose kukuruza. Zbornik radova Instituta za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo, vol. 42, br. 2, str. 299-310
Tollenaar, M. (1991) Physiological basis of genetic improvement of maize hybrid in Ontario from 1959 to 1988. Crop Science, 31, str. 119-124


article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published in SCIndeks: 09/02/2010

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