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2015, vol. 3, br. 3, str. 104-111
Use of ICT in distance higher education with special reference to institute of Distance and Open learning of Gauhati University
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
aDepartment of Education, Gauhati University, Assam, India
bDepartment of Computer Science & IT, Cotton College, Assam, India

e-adresasimakalita_gu@rediffmail.com, ssaimm@rediffmail.com
Ključne reči: ICT; Computer; Internet; IDOL; Post Graduate students
(ne postoji na srpskom)
ICT has become an indispensable part of education. Again the conventional education is undergoing a paradigm shift. Education is becoming learner centered rather than teacher centered. Such type of learning situation needs access to variety of information sources and different forms of information. Considering this fact the present paper try to have a glance on the available IT tools in the Institute of Distance and Open learning of Gauhati University. The paper also tries to see the percentage of Post graduate students of IDOL using Computer and Internet, their level of utilization, purposes of utilization and also the obstacles faced in using computer and internet. The percentage of computer and internet users among the students is not encouraging. They are also facing different obstacles in using those ICT tools. Some recommendations for improving the situation are also given. It is hoped that this paper will help the students, teachers and policy planer in the area of higher education.
Bhattacharya, I., Sharma, K. (2007) India in the knowledge economy – an electronic paradigm. International Journal of Educational Management, 21(6): 543-568
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