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2021, br. 38, str. 67-85
Application of MCDA in the determination of optimal block size for open-pit modelling and mine planning
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Ključne reči: block size; multi-criteria analysis; AHP; deposit modelling; mine planning
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The process of creating a geological block model as the basis for a further detailed design and planning of mining operations is a very responsible task. Errors made during this initial process are transferred to all other phases of the mining project. Certainly, one of the most important decisions for the modelling process is the choice of the appropriate size of the blocks that form the model itself. The determination of the optimal block size is not a simple process, because it depends on a large number of affecting factors and criteria. This process can be significantly facilitated by the application of multi-criteria analysis methods, which enable establishment of interdependence between the criteria in order to select the optimal solution. This paper presents the possibilities of applying the Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) method for selecting the optimal block size for the needs of the coal deposit modelling process and mine planning, as well as the way in which this method can significantly facilitate problem solving, by looking at it from several aspects. The analysis included six criteria and four potential solutions, and the results themselves indicated the advantages and disadvantages of the applied method.
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