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Algorithm of reactive power dispatching "per generator" realization on TPP Nikola Tesla A
aUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering + University of Belgrade, Electrical Engineering Institute 'Nikola Tesla'
bJavno preduzeće Elektroprivreda Srbije, Ogranak Termoelektrane Nikola Tesla, Obrenovac
cUniversity of Belgrade, Electrical Engineering Institute 'Nikola Tesla'
Keywords: joint control; reactive power; synchronous generator; reactive reserve
The algorithm of reactive power dispatching "per generator" realization is presented in the paper. Dispatching "per generator" and "per grid" are two modes of reactive power dispatching used by coordinated reactive power and voltage regulator (GRRS). Reactive power dispatching "per generator" ensures equal heating of the generators, while dispatching "per grid" ensures maximal reactive power reserve when generated reactive power either increases, or decreases. Reactive power dispatching "per generator" is more complex for realization because the dispatching criterion may have wider generator's reactive power operation area than the working capability curve. In these cases, the additional limiting of the generator reactive power is necessary, while other generators take over the remaining reactive power, still considering the reactive power dispatching criteria "per generator" and the limits of the remaining generators. Both reactive power dispatching modes are presented in two examples, while operating near and far from the limit area. Eventually, as the verification of the algorithm and its realization, the operating results of GRRS while dispatching "per generator" is active, are presented.
Dragosavac, J., Janda, Z., Pavloviu, J., Ciriu, Z. (2019) Reactive power dispatching among generating units connected to point of common coupling. in: 13th IEEE PowerTech (Milano, Italy, June 23-27)
Pavlović, J., Radojičić, B., Stančić, L., Dragosavac, J., Dobričić, S., Janda, Ž. (2021) Komparativna analiza različitih metoda dispečinga reaktivnih snaga između generatora u elektrani. in: 35. Savetovanje CIGRE Srbija (Zlatibor)


article language: Serbian
document type: Professional Paper
DOI: 10.5937/zeint32-41760
received: 24/12/2022
accepted: 28/12/2022
published in SCIndeks: 13/01/2023
peer review method: single-blind
Creative Commons License 4.0

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