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2007, iss. 17, pp. 83-90
The European model of agriculture: Implication on the western Balkan countries
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economy, Subotica
Agriculture has always been accorded special status in the European Community. Under the Common Agricultural Policy agriculture has been protection in relate to the other sector. The goal of the CAP reform of 1992 - MacSharry Reform, was to substitute the price support measures by the system of direct payments, as well as to develop the comprehensive rural development policy. The European Model of Agriculture has been central to the Agenda 2000 reforms and the CAP reform in 2003. Based on that context, the EU has marked the shift towards the multifunctionality of agriculture as a central priniple for the future support of the agriculture, thus pormoting European model of agriculture. The Western Balkan counries which are preparing for the membership in The European Union must follow this model. The importance of this process reflected in the size of rural sectors in these countires and share of agriculture in whole economy of transitions countries.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Paper
published in SCIndeks: 03/12/2007