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Diffusion of emissions and imissions generated by older low-efficient boilers brown coal-fired
Fakultet za zaštitu okoline i proizvodne tehnologije, Zvolen, Republika Slovačka
Keywords: emissions; imissions; brown coal; solid fuel-fired small-size boilers
Thermo-oxidizing processes generating energy from natural solid fuels. Heat as its main product is accompanied by side products - solid waste and emissions, resulting in unfavorable effects on the environment. This contribution deals with the results of measurements and analysis regarding old-fashion type boiler unit, fired by solid fuel. It showed, low efficiency of older brown coal fired boilers, currently used in many small companies and all of which generate polluting matter - gaseous as well as solid emissions, polluting the environment. Thus, causing environmental damages in spite of their meeting emission and imission limits within their category. 1 mission value of tar component at low temperature of flue gases in fireplace and short time of flue gas remaining in fireplaces causes presence of some components over permissible imission limit.
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*** The statute of the government of the SR No. 92/1996 which executing the Act No. 309/1991 digest, the air protection against polluting matter (Act for atmosphere air) in version of later regulations. In Slovak
*** (1996) The field technical standard OTN ZP 2002:96 Air protection: Single-shot measurement of emission and imission polluting surrounding air. Slovak, Requisites of measurement report
*** The Slovak technical standard STN ISO 10 780: Stationary sources of polluting: Measurement of speed and volume flow in pipes. In Slovak
*** The Slovak technical standard STN ISO 9096: Stationary sources of polluting: Stating of concentration and mass flow of solid polluting matter in flowing gas: Manual gravimetric method. In Slovak
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*** The Regulation No. 41/1997 digest: Quantity determination of polluting matter emitted and data about observance of fixed emission polluting limit. In Slovak
*** The Slovak technical standard 83 4711, part 1: Measurement of emission: Sulphur oxide, sulphuric acid and total sulphur oxide content from polluting air sources. in Slovak
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article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published in SCIndeks: 02/06/2009

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