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2018, vol. 47, iss. 1-2, pp. 43-48
Electromagnetic therapy in treatment of radius fraction on a specific spot
aClinical Center of Serbia, Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Belgrade
bUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Rehabilitation 'dr Miroslav Zotović'
Introduction. Radius fracture at typical site - fractura radii loco typico, is one of the most common fractures (more than 10% of all fractures). It is frequent in the fall on the palm of the hand. It happens at all ages. Objective. To examine the efficacy of electromagnetotherapy in the treatment of patients with radius fracture at typical site in order to reduce pain, swelling and increased mobility of injured tissue and reduce the possibility of complications. Material and methods. The study includes 100 patients with radius fracture at the typical site of which 55 women and 45 men, aged 20 to 70 years. The study included patients undergoing bone trauma treated conservatively by plaster immobilization, immediately after orthopedic treatment patients were treated with lowfrequency pulsed electrical magnetic fields produced by the machine MAGNEMED MT - 91 results. Pain in the wrist after physiotherapy treatment static isometric contractions and after the application of electromagnetic therapy was significantly more intense in the control group. Swelling in the wrist were significantly reduced in patients treated with electromagnetic fields. In all patients, after 20 applied electromagnetic field therapy achieved a significant increase in flexor and extensor muscle strength. Electromagnetotherapy is important in the prevention of complex regional pain syndrome.
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