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2015, vol. 57, iss. 2, pp. 122-134
The utility of involving citizens in the complaint procedure
During the performance of increasingly complex and demanding security tasks, police enforce various powers in different environments and are influenced by many factors which facilitate or hinder their implementation. Powers are exclusively established to preserve and protect human rights and freedoms, but there are serious violations of human rights and freedoms, which occur when there are irreparable consequences. One of the modalities to increase the level of legality, professionalism and accountability of police officers is control. The focus of this work is the internal control of the police embodied in police oversight resolving complaints The goal is to highlight the need for oversight of the police as the government authority that has significant powers, which may violate the rights and freedoms of citizens. Another aim is to give an overview of laws and regulations that directly govern the area in question pointing out to certain specific features of conducting proceedings initiated by citizen complaints and establish whether the appellate procedure is expedient from to position of the citizens. If we tried to perform an evaluation of the complaint procedure, a place for the glorification would certainly be, because the procedure is based on the legislative grounds i.e.. the Police Act, the closer it is prescribed properly and precise by the instruction on the application of the rules of appellate procedure, as citizens are much easier implementation of constitutionally guaranteed rights, the right to submit petitions and other proposals and the whole thing has a public connotation. Appellate procedures are strictly formalized and determined from the time of filing or receiving the complaint, pending a decision on the merits. On the other hand, the regulations governing and defining the implementation procedures are transparent; there is a two-instance proceedings and the presence of the public, as well as the active participation of the complainant. However, despite the active participation in the appeal, the citizens do not achieve their legal interests irrespective of the validity and merits of the complaint filled. Except for general deterrence, the outcome of the procedure has no effect, and relevance to citizens whose rights and freedoms are violated. The realization of their rights, as well as compensation for the costs incurred by participating in the appellate proceedings, must be made in regular court proceedings, which does not rely on the already implemented process, but again requires his active participation.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Review Paper
DOI: 10.5937/bezbednost1502122B
published in SCIndeks: 16/01/2016

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