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2016, vol. 64, br. 3, str. 27-44
Poslovni model kreativnih zajednica malih preduzeća u Mahalet Marhoum
aFaculty of Specific Education, Kafrelsheikh University, Kafrelsheikh, Egypt
bCollege of textile - design, technology and management, Belgrade,
Ključne reči: creative communities; curtains fringe passementerie; strips; lace
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This research develops a possible understanding of the relationship between creativity (in its broad meaning) and city branding of passementerie and fringe strips of lace fabrics. More specifically, the aim of this study is to depict a cohesive landscape of the multiform creative environment of the city of Mahalet Marhoum and to see how such lively cultural and creative richness can be used to promote the visibility of the city at Egypt level. One is the vision taken from the urban studies, where the city is seen as the center of contemporary society, and therefore it is studied from a sociological point of view. In this section, particular relevance is given to the discussion of the controversial concept of the creative city of Mahalet Marhoum, during the strips production of lace were introduced to the textile market since 1950s. Currently, the world consumption of Strips of lace exceeds three million kilograms. Today fabrics containing Strips of lace fibers found their way in many end uses such as apparel, curtain, upholstery, hosiery, underwear, outerwear, bags, shoes, medical textiles, and sportswear. The spread of the use of Strips of lace in textile structures is due to the inherent properties of such yarns that provide the end user with stretch, mechanical comfort, fit and esthetic in case of apparel and sportswear. The scientific research addressing the structure/property relationships of fabrics containing Strips of lace is limited and spotty. Academics and practitioners alike have suggested that color can stimulate interest and, subsequently, the current study examines the Strips of lace design elements impact of visible fashion color on sales of the Strips of lace products in the production department context through a quasi-experimental approach. Hypothesis tests suggest that greater depth and magnitude of fashion color increase products of lace design elements. The main goal of the research is to reveal the influence of the structure of woven fabrics with Strips of lace on their physical properties. And discussed the development Strips of lace structures. Calculation Stiffness of lace Strips, by the sag of a projecting strip of sample. The results show that the selected passementerie and fringe strips of lace fabrics are suitable for usage as apparel, curtain, upholstery, hosiery, bags, shoes, etc.), and medical textiles. In this paper the value of Stiffness properties to provide dynamic values that takes account thickness and width of stripe by the weft materials. It therefore allows a more complete representation of the elects of passementerie and fringe on the end use.

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