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2006, vol. 11, br. 3, str. 33-36
Financial and investment decisions of risk management with accet on risk mapping
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
University of Economics, Faculty of Informatics, Department of Mathematics, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Ključne reči: Risk mapping contingent loses and decisions; management events; system synchronization; capacity and utilization; model office
(ne postoji na srpskom)
The current development of financial management is closely connected with a very specific objective. The firm is assumed to be a profit seeking organization that is owned by the holders of its equity. The objective is to increase the total value of the firm’s equity, which may be achieved by raising new equity and investing in marginal projects. The value of equity is the risk-adjusted capitalized value of the firm’s expected earnings stream. In case that risk management decisions are encompassed within financial management decision structure it shows that the similar objective must be adopted for risk management. Therefore in our article we aim to assign useful steps of financial risk management. Corporate managers need to reorganize the full spectrum of risks their organization face which should not reflect just their own experiences. Our objective is also to stress out the importance of risk mapping, which helps to the companies to quantify the impact of the variety of risk they face. The recent changes and development of financial markets urge managers to increase the importance of managing financial risk. Thereat we aim to focus on the technique and steps of risk mapping and stress out its importance in nowadays.
Doherty, N.A. (1986) Corporate risk management: A financial exposition. New York, itd: McGraw-Hill
Levy, H., Marshall, S. (1993) Capital investment and financial decisions. Englewood Cliffs, NJ, itd: Prentice Hall
Prakash, S.A. (2001) Integrating corporate risk management. New York: Texere LLC

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