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2010, vol. 15, iss. 3, pp. 43-50
Modeling strategy of locating incinerators in Slovak Republic
Faculty of Economic Informatics, Bratislava, Slovakia
Keywords: collection centers; location; set coverage problems; optimization
One of the environmental and social problems is disposing of municipal waste by the process of combustion of waste material. Up to 31st December 2005, the number of incinerators in Slovakia was 40. Out of that number, only 2 incinerators were located in Bratislava and Košice, at the distance 400 km from each other. The irregularity of placing of incinerators in Slovakia according to category and also to number of inhabitants and land area require an effort to change the strategy of their placement in such a way as to create conditions for effective collection and combustion of municipal waste that must be separated and eliminated. The system of collection and elimination of separated waste works efficiently only in case that the collection centers and incinerators are accessible to the population. To meet this goal, it seems to be effective to design a network of collection centers and incinerators depending on their category and also on the amount of separated waste in communes (mainly in communes with high population). The paper uses node routing models for modeling: the shortest path when maximum number of incinerators is provided, minimum distance needed to travel when maximum number of incinerators is provided, and maximum coverage of population when a certain number of incinerators and also certain maximum distance are provided.
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article language: English
document type: unclassified
published in SCIndeks: 18/01/2011

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