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2011, iss. 26, pp. 113-123
Privatization in Serbia: With special turn to restructuring procedures
aNovi Sad
bUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economy, Subotica
Keywords: privatization; restructuring; privatization agency; restructuring program
Privatization in Serbia represents a very serious, and at the same time, a very 'spent' theme. Many contracts on privatization, concluded in Serbia after the Law on privatization was passed and establishing the Privatization Agency, speak about the seriousness of the theme. Seriousness is also confirmed by the number of employees in privatized enterprises, properties of these enterprises before privatization, markets where these enterprises made business, etc. On the other side, the whole privatization work was badly done and unprofessionally. It is primarily thought on two/thirds of privatization contracts being broken, property of these enterprises destroyed or disappeared, workers lost their jobs and incomes, and so on. As an attempt to go through the hopeless situation, for which the state of Serbia is guilty directly, the legislator has introduced the institution of restructuring of privatization subject into the legal system. The reason to introduce this institution is in the attempt to pacify social tensions and conflicts, on the one side, and in subsequent waken consciousness of the state to punish all those who violated privatization contracts, on the other side.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Professional Paper
published in SCIndeks: 21/02/2012

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