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2020, vol. 25, br. 2, str. 40-47
Data quality in customer relationship management (CRM): Literature review
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ICT College of Applied Studies, Belgrade

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The aim of this paper is to examine challenges that organizations face when they start to deal with quality of customer data more seriously in order to manage their customer relationships better. Research extracted from the literature review has identified some problems with the quality of customer data as well as suggestions for their solutions. The author found that challenges regarding the quality of data used in customer relationship management are reflected in: decentralized data storage, inconsistencies in input and storage, inadequate integration of different data sources, different data defects, and their tendency in quality deterioration over time. In addition, problems have been identified in the high costs of maintaining data quality, as well as new challenges in the form of big data and open data. Possible improvement solutions have been suggested through a number of tools and frameworks by different authors.
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