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2014, vol. 41, iss. 1, pp. 63-70
Mineral adsorbents in broilers nutrition: Effects on yield and meat quality
aInstitute for Food Technology, Novi Sad
bUniversity of Kragujevac, Faculty of Agronomy, Čačak
cInstitute of Meat Hygiene and Technology, Belgrade
Investigation of contemporary biotechnological processes in animal feed production aimed at increasing food competitiveness, quality and safety (MESTD - 46012)

In this paper are presented the results of investigation of the application of mineral adsorbents in broiler diet. Total of 400 broilers Cobb 500 provenience were divided into 4 groups: control group (C) of broilers fed without added mineral adsorbent; 1st group with added Min-a-zel in the amount of 0.5%; 2nd group with added Min-a-zel Plus in the amount of 0.2%; and 3rd group with added Min-a-zel Plus in the amount of 0.3%. Fattening lasted for 42 days. Broilers were reared on the floor stocking system; feed and water supply were ad libitum. Fattening performances such as live body weight, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio and production number were better in group of broilers that was fed a diet with added mineral adsorbents. Broilers from the 1st group achieved the highest live weight and had the lowest feed consumption and feed conversion ratio, and also the best production number. Slaughter characteristics of broilers in the 1st group were also the best. They had the biggest share of the most valuable parts, breast and drumsticks. Obtained results showed that mineral adsorbents can be successfully used as additives in the diets for broilers for improved production and better fattening performances.
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article language: English
document type: Original Paper
DOI: 10.5937/FFR1401063O
published in SCIndeks: 06/05/2015

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