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2010, vol. 15, br. 4, str. 8-12
Creativity and innovation in global branding
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Ekonomski fakultet, Subotica

Ključne reči: creativity; innovation; global branding
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Building a strong brand in global marketing requires a high level of creativity and innovation, together with strategic planning and long-term investment. Contemporary business practices have shown that a successful global brand most often stems from the implementation of creative and innovative global marketing activities. Bearing in mind that a global brand labels a product or service with additional selling points, distinguishing it from other products and services designed to meet the same need, creativity and innovation in global branding are aimed at functional, rational or tangible distinction, depending on brand performance, or they are intended to make a symbolic, emotional or intangible distinction, depending on what the brand represents. Global marketing takes a broader view of the product in relation to its features, whether in terms of tangibility, usability or availability. A global product should have a clearly determined value, based on which it will be demanded by those who need it. Accordingly, a product as an element of global marketing programme extends beyond its physical or visible features, to include invisible features as well, defining the concept of the so-called total product. It is absolutely inconceivable to develop the concept of a total product without creative and innovative approach to global branding. A major challenge for contemporary global companies is to develop and manage a successful global brand, which gives rise to the need for a new approach to the product policy as a global marketing mix instrument. As global consumers do not purchase the features of the product but rather product benefits manifested as the satisfaction of their needs, demands for a creative and innovative approach to global branding are gaining prominence. Creativity and innovation in global branding are therefore becoming an essential issue for companies operating on the global market without having attained appropriate marketing qualifications.
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