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2020, vol. 67, iss. 1, pp. 223-238
Research on tourists' attitudes on the potential of Goč mountain for the development of eco-tourism
aUniversity of Kragujevac, Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia
bUniversity 'Union - Nikola Tesla', Faculty for Business Studies and Law, Belgrade, Serbia,,
Sustainable agriculture and rural development in the function of accomplishing strategic objectives of the Republic of Serbia in the Danube region (MESTD - 46006)

Keywords: Goč mountain; ecotourism; eco-accommodation; tourists' attitudes
Goč Mountain has a wealth of natural resources, which represent the most important prerequisite for the development of ecotourism. However, the natural resources of this mountain are inadequately utilized for tourism. The aim of the research is to examine the views of tourists on the possibilities for the development of ecotourism on the mountain Goč, with a view to the more intensive tourist development of this mountain. Special attention is paid to the analysis of possibilities for expanding the existing tourist offer, additional attractive contents and activities, which would contribute to the greater competitiveness of this mountain in the ecotourism market. The survey method was used to collect primary data in the research and it included 174 respondents. The results of the descriptive statistical analysis showed that Goč Mountain has the potential for ecotourism development and that the construction of eco-accommodation facilities would contribute to the greater competitiveness of Goč Mountain.
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article language: English
document type: Review Paper
DOI: 10.5937/ekoPolj2001223M
published in SCIndeks: 09/04/2020
peer review method: double-blind
Creative Commons License 4.0

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