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2015, vol. 41, iss. 4, pp. 205-212
Analysis of construction CHP biomass plants in the chemical industry
aUniversity of Belgrade, Institute of Nuclear Sciences 'Vinča', Belgrade-Vinča
bUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Innovation Center
Development and improvement of technologies for energy efficient and environmentally sound use of several types of agricultural and forest biomass and possible utilization for cogeneration (MESTD - 42011)

In this paper has been analyzed possibility of replacing fuel (gas/heavy fuel oil) for steam productionin the factory Hipol from Odžaci, with the simultaneous production of electricity using CHP systems using biomass as a primary fuel. For the purposes of technological process of production requires a saturated steam of 9 t/h and pressure of 3 bar, while the planned installed capacity of electrical part is 1,3 MW e . The paper presents the analysis of possible solutions of boiler plant, as well as part for the production of electricity, with the presentation of the budget price. In the paper was also performed detailed economic analysis, with discounted cash flow, which showed the justification of the whole project. A comprehensive SWOT analysis of the project, which will serve to show the good and bad sides of the proposed project as well as numerous possibilities, opened up with its realization.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper
DOI: 10.5937/SavPoljTeh1504205D
published in SCIndeks: 31/12/2018