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2019, vol. 76, iss. 2, pp. 192-201
Differences and similarities between the symptoms and clinical signs in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and pneumonia
aUniversity of Priština - Kosovska Mitrovica, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Physiology
bUniversity of Priština - Kosovska Mitrovica, Faculty of Medicine, Clinical Hospital Center
cUniversity of Priština - Kosovska Mitrovica, Faculty of Medicine
dUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical Statistics and Informatics
eUniversity of Priština - Kosovska Mitrovica, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Pathology
Background/Aim. Tuberculosis in the second decade of the 21st century is an infectious disease with the highest mortality rate. In addition, in developed countries, pneumonia is the major couse of morbidity and mortality in adults. The aim of our study was to point out the differences and similarities between symptoms, laboratory parameters and clinical indicators in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) and patients with pneumonia in the general population and in people belonging to the high risk groups for developing tuberculosis. Methods. This prospective study included patients with PTB (n = 70) and pneumonia (n = 75) treated at the Pulmonology Department of Clinical Hospital Center in Kosovska Mitrovica. Results. PTB was more frequent in men, 30-39 years of age (OR; 6:08), mainly from rural areas (p = 0.001), and with lower levels of education (p = 0.031). Pneumonia was more frequent in women older than 60 years of age (p = 0.0012). Night sweats (p = 0.001) and weight loss (p = 0.062) were significantly more frequent in patients with PTB, while chest pain (p = 0.001) and high temperature (p = 0.036) were more common in patients with pneumonia. X-ray changes in patients with PTB were located in the upper fields (p = 0.001), or appeared to be bilateral (p = 0.004). The strongest predictor associated with an increased risk of night sweats was diagnosed PTB (OR = 30.0). The chest pain was a predictor of pneumonia, unilateral changes (OR = 4.65) in the lower lung fields (OR = 0.08). Conclusion. Night sweats, weight loss and chest X-ray abnormalities in upper fields were significant indicators of PTB. Chest pain, fever and chest X-ray abnormalities in lower fields were significant indicators of pneumonia.
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article language: English
document type: Original Scientific Paper
DOI: 10.2298/VSP170301080S
published in SCIndeks: 25/04/2019
peer review method: double-blind
Creative Commons License 4.0