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2013, vol. 1, br. 2, str. 27-34
Ozone depleting substances elimination management: The success story of Macedonia
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
Faculty of Economics, Goce Delcev University - Stip, Macedonia

Ključne reči: Montreal Protocol; Vienna Convention; Ozone Unit; Macedonia; Phase-out
(ne postoji na srpskom)
Man, with its activities, produces and uses substances that have negative impact on the environment and the human health, and can cause an economic damage. Consequently, they have a great impact on quality of life. Among the most harmful chemicals are Ozone Depleting Substances that are subject of regulation with international conventions. This Paper supports the fact that each country has to undertake national efforts for ozone depleting substances reduction and elimination. In that respect, the general objective of the Paper is to present the Macedonian unique experience regarding its efforts to reduce or eliminate these substances. The following two aspects were subject to the research: national legislation which regulates the Ozone Depleting Substances import and export as well as the implementation of the projects that resulted with the elimination of Ozone Depleting Substances quantities in the period 1995 - 2010. The research outcomes confirm the starting research hypothesis i.e. that with adequately created and implemented national action, the amount of Ozone Depleting Substances consumption can dramatically fall.
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