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2020, vol. 9, iss. 18, pp. 140-149
Tax exemptions for value added tax in the Republic of Serbia with a comparative analysis of tax exemptions in the EU
International University of Novi Pazar
The modern era of capitalism is characterized by mass production. Consumer society is the target of producers whose demand depends on financial success of companies. An important correlation between consumers and producers is created by advertising and propaganda activities. Traditional and new media through which the advertising message is conveyed play an important mediating role. Marketing agencies nowadays offer advertising creation services, run by an entire team of PR managers. Many commercials are created in a way that approaches the form of art, without taking any care about ethical principles. In this paper, we highlight the manipulative, persuasive influence of advertising and the abuse of children in advertisements.The first part of the paper covers the definition of advertising and the chapter about advertising in the media. In the second part of paper, attention is paid to the impact of advertising on consumers, as well as on the role of children abuse in commercials. Based on the analyzed commercials, it is concluded that children in advertisements are used as a means of achieving economic goals, and that the elements of the analyzed advertisements are used to manipulate children.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Review Paper
DOI: 10.5937/EkoIzazov2018140N
received: 10/10/2020
accepted: 31/12/2020
published in SCIndeks: 06/03/2021

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