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2014, vol. 6, br. 2, str. 92-96
Performance analysis of dual-hop relay system over Ricean fading channels
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
aFaculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro, Podgorica
bCenter for Tele Infrastruktur (CTIF), Aalborg University, Denmark

e-adresamajai@ac.me, milica@ac.me
Advanced solutions for performance improvement of wireless cooperative e-service infrastructures funded by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro, and it ispartly supported by SCOPES

Ključne reči: amplify-and-forward; bit error rate; Ricean fading
(ne postoji na srpskom)
- In this paper we present an analytical model for the performance evaluation of dual-hop amplify-and forward relay transmission over non-identical Ricean fading channels on both hops. The probability density function (PDF) and moment generating function (MGF) of total received SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) are presented as a fast converging sum. Furthermore, adequate semi-closed form expressions for average bit error rate (BER) and outage probability (OP) are derived. Numerical and simulation results confirm the validity of the proposed analytical model. Additionally, we have analyzed the impact of unbalanced SNRs of the two hops on the error performance of the considered relay system.
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DOI: 10.5937/telfor1402092D
objavljen u SCIndeksu: 17.05.2015.

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