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2008, vol. 37, iss. 1-2, pp. 66-74
Determinante cene novca na finansijskom tržištu Srbije
(The title is not available in English)
Autopromet ad, Niš
Keywords: banks; deposit; money price; pure premium; yield rate; interest rate; obligatory rate; reference interest rate
Banking sector constitutes the most important part of the financial system of Serbia. In the banking sector of Serbia commercial banks play the dominant role in financing the economic activities. The price of banks’ credits is influenced by the borrowed funds price, targeted rate of return on equity as well as the level of the pure premium rate. Price of the banks’ funding in the financial market depends on the price of deposits and the rate of interest on the financial assets borrowed abroad. The price of deposits is influenced by the interest rate on deposits, costs of mobilizing and servicing, pure premium and the rate of obligatory reserves. Mismatch between the low level and short maturities of deposits and long term banks’ lending necessitates resorting to the funding from abroad. Targeted rate of yield of the banks’ resources in the financial market constitutes the return on equity of the bank before taxation, being the difference between income and costs of credits divided by the allocated equity. Pure premium, for insuring the credit repayment, is calculated separately for each borrower by way of first determining the base, i.e. prime rate, and then calculating for each individual borrower premium rate that has to be adjusted at the end of every accounting period for the level of the market interest rate increased by the premium rate.
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NBS Kvartalni izveštaj za 2007. godinu


article language: Serbian
document type: unclassified
published in SCIndeks: 12/05/2008