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2021, vol. 49, iss. 5, pp. 645-654
The possibility of using bifenazate and pyridaben in control of the plum rust mite (Aculus fockeui) on sour cherry
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture
Keywords: A. fockeui; sour cherry; acaricides; efficacy
In the field trial conducted in 2020 at the locality of Mačvanski Metković (municipality of Bogatić, Serbia), the efficacy of products based on bifenazate and pyridaben in the control of the plum rust mite (Aculus fockeui) on sour cherry was examined. Product Acramite 480 SC (bifenazate) was tested in two application rates, 0.375 l/ha and 0.75 l/ha, while Sanmite 20 WP (pyridaben) was applied in an amount of 500 g/ha. The experiment was performed according to the standard, partially adapted EPPO method for testing the efficacy of acaricides in the control of spider mites in fruit orchards. Based on trial results, it can be concluded that the efficacy of bifenazate was different depending on the application rate of the product. The efficacy of this compound applied in the amount of 0.75 l/ha of the product Acramite 480 SC was very high and ranged between 94.85% and 98.96%, respectively. The same product in the amount of 0.375 l/ha showed low efficacy, which ranged from 55.27% to 88.22%, respectively. The efficacy of pyridaben was high in all evaluations (90.43% - 95.25%).
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article language: Serbian
document type: unclassified
DOI: 10.5937/BiljLek2105645S
published in SCIndeks: 16/07/2021

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