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2005, iss. 19, pp. 157-167
Imposing a ban on colonists and expelled Serbian and Montenegrin population to return
During World War Two occupational and quisling authorities made in Kosovo and Metohia changes of agrarian ownership structure and owner relationships to the detriment of Serbian and Montenegrin population. By order of the authorities land was taken from colonists, who got it before 1941, and was given to new and only Albanian subjects, including many settlers from Albania. After World War Two new communist rulers sanctioned measures of occupational and quisling authorities by a ban on colonists and expelled Serbian and Montenegrin population to return basing on decision of Yugoslav National Committee of Liberation of March 6, 1945. The ban meant practical realization of political and party decision of the Fifth Country Conference, convened in October 1940, in Zagreb and its exclusive task: "to expel all those colonized elements used by Serbian bourgeoisie to exploit Macedonian, Albanian and other peoples". Expelling Serbian and Montenegrin population (not only colonists but old residents too) with their land given to Albanian population and to numerous emigrants from neighboring Albania resulted in huge changes in ethnical structure of Kosovo and Metohia population.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Paper
published in SCIndeks: 02/06/2007
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