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2008, iss. 25, pp. 219-237
Naselja Srba i Crnogoraca kolonizovanih na Kosovu i Metohiji u periodu između 1918. i 1941. godine
(The title is not available in English)
Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 148020: Duhovne pojave i stvaralaštvo srpskog naroda na Kosovu i Metohiji od XV do XX veka

The aim of this paper is to discuss results in erecting colonies i.e. settlements by the colonization of Serbs and Montenegrins in Kosovo and Metohija between the two World wars. The author discovered that the colonies were erected more or less according to a certain arrangement, especially those ones in whose erecting the state itself had an interest giving thus its help and contribution. The author also found out that the way some of the colonies were built showed the influence of the culture and origin of the colonists, which is particularly evident in the case of the colonists from Vojvodina, as their colonies were built in the style of Vojvodina villages. On the other hand, although positive effects were achieved in building the colonies, lot of mistakes were made, primarily concerning the superficial realization of colonization, lack of qualified staff, irresponsible activities that led to erecting of colonies on the swamps, arid and infertile land i.e. appalling living conditions. In addition to it, hygienic, health and residential circumstances were often very bad; official state help was either not sufficient or arrived too slowly, which altogether only increased a number of problems among the colonists thus bringing the very existence of the colonies at stake.
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