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2007, vol. 44, iss. 1, pp. 169-176
Agronomic traits of new perennial ryegrass cultivar Kruševački 11 (k-11)
aInstitute for Forage Crops, Kruševac
bInstitute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade-Zemun
cMinistarstvo za poljoprivredu, vodoprivredu i šumarstvo, Beograd
Perennial ryegrass breeding goal in our country is creating of cultivars with improved production of quality dry matter and increased acclimatization for local agroecological conditions in Serbia. As a result of long breeding process first domestic-breed perennial ryegrass cultivar K-ll is created in Institute for forage crops in Kruševac. Cultivar is formed of 6 lines which are progenies of genotipes chosen after two cicles of fenotipe recurent selection from autochthonous Serbian populations. It is intermediate heading sintetic cultivar with improved persistency and high genetic potential for most important agronomic traits whict is notificated in trials on four locations in Serbia. During two-year investigation period basic morphological and productive traits were scored, while chemical composition of dry matter was determined in second year. Plants in stands are tall 75cm in first cut with strong regeneration (Tab. 1). K-ll has reached average two-year dry matter yield of over 6,4 tha-1 without irrigation, or 900 kgha-1 more than standard cultivar (Tab. 2). On locality Kruševac new cultivar has showed crude protein yield over 814 kgha-1 (Tab. 3).
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article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published in SCIndeks: 08/09/2007

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