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2004, vol. 9, iss. spec. br., pp. 135-142
Dry matter yield and quality of perennial grasses experimental genotypes
aAgricultural Research Institute 'Srbija', Institute for Forage Crops, Kruševac
bInstitute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade-Zemun
Keywords: perennial forage grasses; regeneration; dry matter yield; dry matter quality; crude protein yield
Perennial grasses represent the main group of forage crops plants for hilly-mountainous region. The best quality cultivars are prerequisite for good voluminous animal food on every ground where leguminous species can’t live. In this article the results of final step of breeding process of three wide-spread grass species in our area are presented. Production and quality parameters of experimental lines of cocksfoot, timothy and red fescue are investigated. Experimental populations, which are possible components of new varieties, were produced by multiple choosing and crossing of perspective genotypes by polycross method. New domestic cultivars (K-40, K-41 and K-15) and most spread imported cultivars (Baraulla, Foka and Kos) were standards. Dry matter yield, plant height and regeneration in all cuts were investigated as well as DM chemical composition (ash, crude protein, crude fiber, fats, NFE, NEL and NEM). Between all cultivars significant difference in DMY exists. Total DMY of timothy and red fescue experimental populations are about 1,5 t higher then foreign cultivars and about 0,4 t higher than domestic. Domestic cocksfoot cultivars yielded over 3 t of DM more than Baraulla. Annual crude protein yield differs among timothy sorts more than 50% and about 15% among red fescue cultivars. Average crop height in first cut is between 85 and 90 cm for cocksfoot and timothy and between 55 and 65 cm for red fescue, respectively. The best regeneration is noticed in experimental populations, which showed best crude protein content, also.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published in SCIndeks: 06/06/2009

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