Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes
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Webquest for intercomprehension
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy, Constanta, Romania

Ključne reči: intercomprehension; webquest; multilingualism; plurilingualism; language policy
(ne postoji na srpskom)
This paper intends to report on how the authors have responded to the challenges faced by their young adult and adult ESP learners when preparing (from a linguistic point of view) to work in a multinational, multicultural and multilingual professional environment such as that of merchant ships. Three main aspects have been considered when trying to tailor the language input (content and format wise) and the teaching approach to the specific profile of our learners: First, the need for learning specialized vocabulary, vital to the successful job post, and, more importantly, safe execution of professional tasks aboard ships. This paper aims to demonstrate that both student motivation and, consequently, specialized content intake and internalization can be successfully boosted by creating the framework or contextualized learning. This particular need has been catered for by opting for a learning activity, the webquest, which is based on the Internet, thus integrating the ICT capabilities into our language teaching approach. More precisely, this paper will show how the webquest learning activity helps students acquire specialized vocabulary and concepts and develop their communicative skills by providing the context for authentic, real life collaborative tasks based on a large spectrum of authentic input formats available online. The innovative feature of our proposed online learning activity is that it combines all the learning perks of ICT-inclusive language learning, i.e. the webquest, with the advantages of a multilingual approach to comprehending foreign languages, which is intercomprehension, especially useful to those who, by the nature of their profession, are confronted with having to communicate and cooperate with many nations at a time and need at least partial communication skills in several languages besides English. This paper will proceed from defining, clarifying and justifying the choice for the concepts it is operating with (the intercomprehension method and the webquest learning activity) to providing a concrete, existing example of such a successful merge, accompanied by clarifying comments which explain not only how it works but also highlight the teaching advantages of such an integrative learning activity.

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