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Validity and reliability of the test for assessment of specific physical abilities of police officers in the anaerobic-lactate work regime
aCriminology and Police Academy, Belgrade
bUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education
cClinical Center of Serbia, Center for Medical Biochemistry, Belgrade
Effects of the Applied Physical Activity to Locomotor, Metabolic, Psycho-Social and Educational Status of the Population of the Republic of Serbia (MESTD - 47015)

The subject of this paper was the examination of validity and reliability of the obstacle course test (OCSAPO1) that can be used to assess the specific abilities of police officers in the anaerobic-lactate work regime. Twenty-five students of the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies took part in this research (14 male and 11 female). The testing was performed according to the test - retest method for determining reliability. The studied variables included: performance time of the OC_SAPO1 (indicator of effectiveness), lactate concentration in capillary blood (measure of metabolic acidosis) and the value of heart rate frequency (measure of the functional exertion of the cardiovascular system). The results of t-test showed that the participants mastered the OC SAPO1 7.17 seconds faster in the second testing (t - 4.164, p < 0.01), i.e. 7.25% faster, which suggests the that there is a learning effect and that test can be used for educational purposes. A statistically significant difference of the measured concentration of lactates and maximum heart frequency was not established between the two tests. Based on Cronbach's Alpha results, we can claim that the OC SAPO1 is a reliable measuring instrument for the evaluation of the specific ability of police officers in anaerobic-lactate work regime. A lower reliability of the Cronbach's Alpha test was established for maximum heart frequency when compared to the other studied variables. The registered levels of the studied variables classify the OCSAPO1 as a test of sub-maximal intensity in the anaerobic-lactate work regime.


article language: English
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published in SCIndeks: 08/01/2016

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