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2019, vol. 44, iss. 4, pp. 39-49
Assessement of sitting anthropometry of male and female tractor operators in Abia state
aMichael Okpara University of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering, Umudike, Nigeria
bMichael Okpara University of Agriculture, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Umudike, Abia state, Nigeria
cEnugu state University of Science and Technology, Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, Enugu, Nigeria
Keywords: anthropometric; dimensions; operators; tractors; sitting positions
The anthropometric body dimensions of the tractor operators in Abia state (Nigeria) where studied to obtain a database for their anthropometric body dimensions to enable the designers of tractors and agricultural equipment operated in sitting positions improve on their design in order to optimize their usage, enhance posture and comfort of the users and maximize output. Result revealed that the male agricultural workers have average hand length, hand breadth, arm reach from wall, elbow height, elbow rest height, grip strength, internal and external grip diameters, hand circumference, forearm length and forward grip reach of male agricultural workers are 161.05cm, 49.1cm,143.75cm,38.25cm,19.55cm, 8.65cm, 85.75cm,104.25cm, 24.9cm, 41.6kg, 4.7cm, 7.35cm, 7.35cm, 49.9cm and 75.2cm respectively while in that same order the female agricultural workers recorded 150.55cm,38.9cm,138.6cm, 36.45cm, 18.15cm, 7.2cm, 82.35cm, 100.4cm, 22.25cm, 40.25kg, 4.0cm, 6.7cm, 19.55 and 75.15cm respectively. Also result showed that the sitting height, sitting eye height, sitting shoulder height, hip breadth, knee height, buttock knee length, functional leg length, foot length of the male agricultural workers are 80.75cm, 81.8cm, 68.5cm, 54.0cm, 33.0cm, 55.8cm, 49.7cm, 65.0cm, 57.05cm, 48.65cm, 95.25cm, 32.55cm, 14.35cm, and 66.05cm respectively; and the female in the same arrangement had 85.8cm, 65.59cm, 65.07cm, 41.38cm, 29.14cm, 49.14cm, 44.97cm, 56.06cm, 47.86cm, 36.58cm, 80.51cm, 27.53cm, 3.35cm and 79.19cm respectively.
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article language: English
document type: Original Scientific Paper
DOI: 10.5937/PoljTeh1904039G
published in SCIndeks: 14/12/2019