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2018, vol. 43, iss. 4, pp. 29-56
Design, classification, perspectives and possible applications drones in agriculture of Serbia
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Engineering
The Improvement and Preservation of Biotechnology Procedures for Rational Energy Use and Improvement of Agricultural Production Quality (MESTD - 31051)

Keywords: drones; models; classifications; perspectives; applications in agriculture; protection soils and water in R. Serbia
The paper analyzes the possibility and the needs for the use of specific types of robots (mini unmanned aircraft with different designs and the designation of UAVs) and the possibility of using in agriculture (agrodrone). The year 2015 was proclaimed (Fortune Magazine, 2016) as the year of increasing and widespread use of UAVs in various areas of human activity, especially in agriculture and forestry (75% of use). This is important for large farm areas, where UAV has many useful functions and a very cost-effective commercial application. Today, the needs for UAVs have increased sharply with various opportunities for both civilian and military needs. There is also a significant interest in the development of new drones that can autonomously fly in different environments and locations and can perform various missions and tasks. Over the past decade, a wide range of applications for drones has gained the significance that led to the discovery of various types of unmanned UAVs of different sizes and weights. In this review, the classification of UAVs ranging based on a detailed overview of the development of the drone industry in recent years, this paper demonstrates the evolution of drones and differents application technologies. Of course, this development is very advanced and revolutionary, as well as the development of mobile and smart phones and the Internet, which will open the way for many users to participate in defining the future of UAV implementation. LIVONA Company, Belgrade, Serbia (and Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, in tehnical cooperation) has a study and plans on the implementation of the model micro drone EBee SQ Livona RTK in the future general plans for inspection of protection Soils of territory Minicipality of Stara Pazova (351 km2), and agricultural company Napredak, and exspecially plans for soils of agriculture of R. Serbia. VEKOM GeoCompany from Belgrade, (in cooperation with Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade), has a study and plans on the implementation of the model of the drone Aibot KX6 model, in the future of application of agricultural soils of region Open pit Kolubara for area from app. 600 km2 and the other soils of Region). Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, in cooperation with Municipality of Ub, has a study and plans on the implementation of the model micro drone Hubsan H109S X4 PRO in the future plans general inspection of protection Soils and Waters of territory of Municipality Ub (456 km2).
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article language: Serbian
document type: Review Paper
DOI: 10.5937/PoljTeh1804029O
published in SCIndeks: 21/03/2019

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