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2019, vol. 76, br. 10, str. 1071-1076
Kuda dalje sa terapijskim monitoringom antiepileptika?
Univerzitet u Kragujevcu, Fakultet medicinskih nauka, Srbija
Ključne reči: antikonvulzivi; epilepsija; lekovi, monitoring; doziranje, oblici; plazma; pljuvačka
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Despite a relatively long history of TDM use within the framework of epilepsy treatment, we are using only small part of possibilities it offers, in the first place because of lack of specific knowledge. In order to use full capacity of TDM in the future for maximum benefit of patients with epilepsy, we need to establish the seizure type and severity-specific therapeutic ranges for those anticonvulsants where TDM has clinical significance, as well as to prove the positive effects of TDM on a wide spectrum of treatment outcomes. The development of non-invasive TDM methods, the point-of-care tests and reliable methods for routine measurement of free drug concentrations in plasma are also the areas where progress could empower TDM of anticonvulsants and bring new qualities. However, we should acknowledge that for many years, the TDM has been successfully used for adjusting doses of the first-generation anticonvulsants, provided that important confounding factors were taken into account, like hypoalbuminemia, hypervolemia, acid-base disequilibrium, and others.
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