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2017, vol. 67, iss. 2, pp. 27-36
Influence of time on bond characteristics between extruded PVC tube and cast HTPB/IPDI rocket propellant
Military Technical Institute - MTI, Belgrade, jovan.r.radulovic@gma
Keywords: polymeric materials; poly(vinyl) chloride; hidroxyl terminated polybutadiene; extrusion; tube; thermoplastic materials; solid rocket propellant; cast propellant; inhibitors; bond; ageing; influence of time
This paper is dealing about the possibility of using thermoplastic material as an inhibitor for solid composite propellant in a long period of time. A basic point in this consideration is an analysis of bond characteristics between the extruded PVC tube and cast HTPB/IPDI rocket propellant examined immediately after the production of samples and after a long period of storage. Structure of poly(vinyl chloride), extrusion technology, hydroxy-terminated polybutadiene and casting technology are presented. Tested characteristics of samples of the extruded PVC tube-cast HTPB/IPDI propellant were bond strength and visual appearance of separated parts. Determination of the bond strength and visual appearance of samples were done at 20oC and 50oC. These characteristics of the extruded PVC tube-cast HTPB/IPDI propellant bond were determined at freshly prepared samples and at samples after five years of storage in warehouse conditions, at both above stated temperatures.
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