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2021, vol. 27, iss. 1, pp. 25-32
Influence of amelioration on the productivity of alfalfa on acid soil types vertisols
aAgricultural Advisory and Expert Service, Leskovac
bUniveristy of Niš
cInstitute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad
dJohn Naisbitt University, Faculty for Biofarming, Bačka Topola
eBiosense Institute, Novi Sad
Alfalfa is the most important forage legume in our agroecological conditions for feeding cattle. In the area of Jablanica district, alfalfa occupies a considerable place in the total plant production. The restrictive factor in the establishment and short durability of alfalfa stand is the low pH of arable agricultural soil. Within the three-year field trial on Vertisol soil type (pH in KCl 4.9), from 2016 to 2018, alfalfa plot yield has been analyzed with different fertilization variants. The research results indicate that alfalfa provides a significantly higher yield on the plot where amelioration measures were applied, through the application of limestone and manure, with the addition of mineral fertilizer. A barely lower yield was achieved on the calcified and manured plot, while the lowest yield was on the control plot, where a generous amount of mineral fertilizer was added, which is a common practice of agricultural producers in the area of Jablanica district.
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article language: English
document type: Original Scientific Paper
DOI: 10.5937/SelSem2101025S
received: 18/03/2021
accepted: 20/04/2021
published in SCIndeks: 02/07/2021
Creative Commons License 4.0

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