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Satisfaction and characteristics of Airbnb demand in Budapest
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Budapest Business School, Department of Catering, Tourism and Catering Management, Hungary

Ključne reči: sharing economy; Airbnb; guest characteristics; satisfaction; Budapest
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The past two years Budapest has been placed on the list of the most visited European cities. in 2015 The total number of tourists arriving to Budapest increased by 7.6%, the number of guest nights showed quite a big (6.8%) growth as well, while the income of the commercial accommodation types increased by 15.5% (Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2016). After the bankruptcy of Malév (Hungarian Airlines) in 2012 very different type of guests appeared in Budapest. The rise of sharing economy may explain this considerable growth and change. The goal of this article is to get an insight to the Airbnb market in Budapest. The huge growth on supply side will be proved by data. Understanding of Airbnb demand is based on primary research. Demographic features and spending structure is presented, as well as the guest satisfaction with Airbnb and Budapest - as a touristic product.
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DOI: 10.5937/ZbDght1702076M
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